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Double Start

Looking for the ultimate sporty kick for an unforgettable summer evening? Then treat yourself to double the fun at the adidas Runners City Night 2024!

Get on your inline skates first, then lace up your running shoes - this is how you take to the starting line as a double starter.

How do I register for a double start?

  • Register first for the 10K running or 10K inline skating event.

  • Send us a message via the contact form to get your personal access code for the other competition.

  • Your advantage: You only pay 15 € for your second race entry!

  • Please note: The double start offer, cannot be combined with other special offers (e.g. seasonal package).

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How will I be scored as a double starter?

  • There is an extra ranking for double starters.

  • For the calculation of the final race time for double starters, the skating time will count more than the running time (skaters only take half the time for the course then runners).

  • Before the summation of the participant`s running and skating time, the skating times will be multiplied by a quotient, which is determined by the winning runners' time (male and female) and the winning skaters' time (male and female).